Aging Mastery Program® in Deerfield

March 28, 10:00am 2018April 4, 10:00am 2018April 11, 10:00am 2018April 18, 10:00am 2018April 25, 10:00am 2018May 2, 10:00am 2018May 9, 10:00am 2018May 16, 10:00am 2018May 23, 10:00am 2018May 30, 10:00am 2018

Deerfield Parks & Recreation Department, 8 Raymond Road, Deerfield, NH 03037

The Aging Mastery Program® is a nationwide program from the National Council on Aging that engages older adults in a fun and innovative way that empowers them to embrace their longevity and address their physical, financial, and emotional wellness. The program provides you with the tools and resources for the quality of life you deserve.

Classes seek to increase social connectedness, physical activity levels, healthy eating habits, use of advance planning, communication with healthcare providers, and adoption of other healthy behaviors. Pre-registration is required.