May 21, 2019

Concord Regional VNA Volunteer Coordinator Named Outstanding Volunteer Manager of the Year

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Concord Regional VNA Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa Challender, was named Outstanding Volunteer Manager of the Year at the annual Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism.

“Lisa has done an outstanding job of recruiting, training, and supporting volunteers to serve in hospice and throughout the agency,” said Beth J. Slepian, MBA, PT, President/CEO of Concord Regional VNA. “She has also worked diligently at developing and expanding the organizational components of the volunteer efforts.”

As volunteer coordinator, Challender is responsible for recruitment, screening, interviews, training, placement, supervision and retention. She collaborates with multidisciplinary teams to assess patient needs and provides connections to volunteer resources.

Since being hired three years ago, Challender has expanded volunteer services such as Reiki, music therapy, pet therapy, art therapy, massage, and homemade keepsakes that create memories for hospice patients and families and provide comfort to patients with dementia. Currently, she is working to increase the number of veteran volunteers available to meet with hospice patients who are also veterans. 

Challender started our Better Impact Programming, a secure database that collects volunteer visits and contacts with our hospice patients. She trained volunteers how to use this database so that data and information can be accessed and securely shared with volunteers in a timely manner to provide more sensitive and patient-centered care. 

One of her nominators wrote, “along with these accomplishments, one of Lisa’s strongest traits is her genuine kindness, compassion, and care she provides to our volunteers and colleagues. 

Volunteers receive ongoing support through scheduled monthly “Let’s Talk” meetings that provide an opportunity to connect in person, discuss experiences, and receive peer and staff support. 

One of her nominators added, “Lisa can be in the middle of her work and the moment a volunteer walks in her office she stops what she is doing and connects with them.”